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Geraldine Stewart is a professional Coach providing individual coaching and group facilitation. Her approach is non-directive, highly personalised and very much results driven.

Geraldine Stewart has over 20 years’ pan-European investment management experience, predominantely with Fidelity Investments. She has demonstrated capability in building, developing and leading investment teams supporting a broad spectrum of funds on behalf of retail and institutional clients worldwide.

Having led and worked with high achievers, Geraldine understands the importance of providing the appropriate level of support and challenge to each individual. She empowers her clients to plan and implement strategies that enable them to perform to their maximum potential.


'We asked Geraldine to facilitate a series of discussions with the aim of enhancing the working processes within the team and ironing out the “blockages”. There were initially a lot of sceptics in the group but the feedback was unanimously positive (“best piece of training I have had since I joined the firm……”). Not only were the direct benefits of the programme discernable immediately but there was also the added benefit of spill-over into other aspects of the work environment.'

'What really differentiated Geraldine’s work was the follow up - holding everyone to account and making sure that the team delivered on what they collectively agreed. All-in-all, a great investment in time and effort.'